Dr. Tammé Shinshuri


Dr. Shinshuri is our fearless leader. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Master of Education in Instructional Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has more than twenty years experience in new media, education, instructional technology, information technology, and engineering fields.

She provides leadership and direction to manage academic programs and policies for the academy. She is responsible for planning, managing, and installing curricula, courseware, academic grading policies, administration, transcripts, and overseeing student academic counseling.

Gabriel Ory

Director Financial Management

Mr. Ory is responsible for managing and administering financial aid, overseeing financial planning and management of student education and lifestyle plans, and providing financial aid counseling.

Kimberly Green

Director Admissions

Ms. Green provides leadership and direction to manage the academy. She is responsible for managing student enrollment, faculty requirement, and school operational functions.

Brandie Owusu-Spencer

Director Student Affairs

Mr. Owusu-Spencer oversees student affairs. He is responsible for program implementation, student records management, employment services, internships, graduation ceremonies, and overseeing alumni support.

KimAlyse Popkave

Strategic Learning Technologist

Professor Popkave leads, manages faculty recruitment, and maintains alignment of learning, performance, and curricula initiatives.

Cheryl Moody

Director Strategic Alliances

Ms. Moody provides leadership and direction to raise funds and accelerate the development, growth, and awareness of SHINSHURI brands by forging new partnerships and strategic alliances.

Craig Mills

Director Information Technology

Mr. Mills is responsible for managing information systems; developing and installing learning technologies; administering IT services, security, and privacy protocols; configuring desktop and laptop computing systems; and managing physical hardware and software assets.