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Oracles of Truth LogoOracles of Truth (OOT) is a social learning community. OOT’s focus is to realize world transformation through individual development.

It is our goal to stand for the greatness that lies in every person and to help each person awaken to his or her own greatness.

OOT is here for you. Our principles are very simple. It is all for you and about you. Once you recognize who you truly are and awaken to your own true greatest. You will be able to turn the mirror outward and see the reflection of yourself in others.

When you will have attained this level of awareness you will know that it is not about you at all. It is about us! Our founding principles are stated in our vision, mission and motto.


To empower and engage each person to achieve his or her greatest potential by focusing on improving the entire continuum of human experience expressed through selfless service.


To develop every person’s natural leadership abilities and personal sense of self mastery by enabliing them to contribute to and innovate on any knowledge domain via the use of cutting edge media technology. Our three founding principles are:

• Selfless service
• Education
• Transformation


What we do today as individuals is only a small perspective of what we can achieve as a collective people.

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