Six Easy Steps to Your Personal Transformation

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What is your passion? Have you found it? Are you even looking for it? Will you be at cause to have your beginning last forever?

Passion that transcends mere knowledge of to knowledge expressed as action is the kind of experiential passion we need to exercise everyday. It should be an equal and integral part of our lives. Everything that we do should be viewed from this perspective to help us fully awaken to our next level of greatness – all of us. This must happen at an individual and collective level.

There are six key actionable steps you can take to begin your personal transformation. These six steps are the foundation for superconscious living. These six steps include recognize, surrender, accept, listen, transform and experience. By applying these six steps in your life everyday, you will begin to take deliberate actions toward awakening your soul to live connected to your higher self.

Superconscious Model for Living

  1. Recognize – Refers to the process of identifying who you truly are beyond your human identity by recognizing first cause in your life.
  2. Surrender – Refers to the conscious decision you must make to step into the unknown. To let go of the self-indulging belief that you are separate from all of life.
  3. Accept – Refers to your conscious acceptance of your true self. You must learn to be at peace with the realization of your true identity. Simply accept the power to know your higher self.
  4. Listen – Refers to your willingness to be still, listen and take directions. Learn to be in a state of solitude and stillness so you can receive clear messages from your higher self.
  5. Transform – Refers to the renewed state of being that you will step into as you begin to live life full of love, compassion and hope. Accepting your greatness and manifesting it through your actions and everything that you do.
  6. Experience – Refers to the superconscious state of awareness you will begin to enjoy through your life experiences. You will live completely open, connected, willing to share the expanding knowledge of yourself and at cause for your greatness and the greatness of others.

These six steps are essential to enable you to experience your personal transformation. The superconscious model for living is an action based model. Individuals who are committed and devoted to their spiritual growth through soul transformation must be willing to step outside of their own ego tunnel (human identity) to embrace, connect and apply this model consciously in their lives everyday.

Oracle Radio LogoThis blog is an open challenge to you to be your very best. Stand in a space of possibility for your own greatness and the greatness of others. Our success depends on you being in action and an inspiration in the lives of others.

Challenge Yourself

Are you ready? Are you up for the challenge? If you missed our first online show, listen to the archived recording The Beginning of Forever. If you have not joined the Oracle Learning Community this is also an open invitation to you. Be in nonstop action for yourself and others. Jump-start your personal transformation and connect, share, learn, and contribute today!

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