Fulfilling an Ancient Promise

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In this gripping tale called “The Message of the Apus” Rubén Iwaki Ordóñez uniquely weaves together a story that combines the novel form and myth. He takes the reader on a journey that begins with the origin of humankind, through ancient Andean traditions and finally culminates with an explanation of humanity’s destiny.

The Message of the Apus consists of three books: The Prince of the Sun, The Dwelling Place of the Apus, and The Final Message. While reading the first book, the reader is drawn deep into the annals of history to learn how “The Empire of the Rising Sun” emerged after the Great Cataclysm that transformed the planet long before modern civilization.

The Prince of the Sun

The reader then travels with the Prince as he searches for the truth about his people, the legend of the Golden Disc and burning Maxn, and to reclaim his inheritance. The Prince travels across distant waters to a place known today as Lake Titicaca, located between Perú and Bolivia, where the successors (Council of Elders) of the Great Amaru safely guard the sacred Golden Disc and burning flame.

Learning about the connection between the Prince, ancient Inca civilization and the mystical teachings of the Andeans was very intriguing. Sacred initiation rites and use of elixirs capable of restoring both mental and physical faculties, which modern civilization has not been able to master enamor the reader.

The Dwelling Place of the Apus

In the second book, the author switches to a first person perspective. He meets an enlightened being whose name is Crisologo in Pitusiray, Perú not far from Cuzco. Crisologo is both reserved and clairvoyant. He has the ability to know your thoughts and communicate ideas directly into the author’s conscious mind. Rubén’s experience of Crisologo’s abilities occurred when he shared his entire life with impeccable detail. He asked himself, “Am I in the presence of a clairvoyant?” Rubén quickly learns there is far more of a spiritual and powerful mystery to Crisologo and his extraordinary abilities than he could ever image.

Crisologo and Rubén quickly establish a friendship and he agrees to journey with his newfound friend to the Dwelling Place of the Apus to fulfill his own destiny. The journey to the secret dwelling place was a long, arduous and dangerous trek through the Apu Ka Titi, the mountain that guards the temple of the Apus.
The entire journey to the inner dwelling place was an initial preparation for more in-depth initiations. The Apu are a pure race of exceptionally wise and spiritually minded human beings who are the gatekeepers of the message. The Apu have remained secluded in this secret place deep in the Andean region to preserve the sacred mysteries of the Andean tradition.

The Final Message

The third book gives a detailed depiction of the Apu community and provides the reader with a clear picture of the sublime and tranquil environment that lies deep within the center of Apu Ka Titi. The moment that Crisologo and Rubén arrive to the dwelling place, they are secluded to spend time together as each began their initiation process. As a reader, you are also drawn into the experience of participating in the initiation with Rubén and Crisologo.

The excitement of being transported to altered states of consciousness to see and experience life from a new set of eyes was transcendental. I often felt as though I too were spending time with these extraordinary human beings who live abundant and free as a community; wholly connected mentally, in complete control of their thoughts and emotions; and driven by superior conscious awareness and purpose.

These galactic travelers are connected at another level beyond human understanding and awareness, an awareness that holds the key to humanity’s full transformation. A message awaits us if we are able to receive it to take corrective action. This was an inspiring literary work with a powerful message for self-discovery, personal and global transformation. But, you will have to read the book to find out for yourself.

About the Book

This book was first published in 2008 and covers Andean history, cosmic vision, spirituality and oneness. Interested members may visit Amazon.com to purchase this book.

About the Author

Rubén Iwaki Ordóñez was born in 1944 in the district of Kosñipata Perú’s Cuzco region. He studied anthropology at Cuzco University before leaving his studies to pursue his life’s passion, which was to discover the origins of Andean civilization.

In 1969, he crossed the Andes on foot, walking for 36 days. In 1980, five years after the publication of his book “Operation Paititi” he led an expedition into the Amazon forest beyond the Pongo de Mainike, known as “The Cathedral of the Amazon.” He now lives in Cuzco, which he describes as his true dwelling place, where he continues to write.

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