Spiritual Energy and Consciousness

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In this first episode of Personal Life Coaches, OracleTV investigates the source of magnetic energy surrounding the ancient vortices around Sedona, AZ, explores the grandeur and beauty of the Grand Canyon, and interviews Tierza Jacobs about her psychic ability and healing process. She shares her spiritual insight about the power of consciousness, spiritual energy, the essence of belief systems, and cosmic science.

Spiritual Energy

Energy has always existed in many forms. We can perceive it through tangible and intangible means. The scientist observes energy from the perspective of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other forms of scientific phenomena. Religious followers recognize it from the perspective of belief systems. Psychologist, metaphysicist, cosmic visionaries, and other spiritually aware individuals view it from the perspective the human psyche, consciousness, and unknown and unseen spiritual phenomena.

Regardless of the path you choose to walk or viewpoint you choose to observe and experience energy, there is a single common truth about it. We all recognize that it exists. No one is in doubt about its existence. Depending on the lens you choose to wear at the time you are in observation or experience of it, it may be referred to as spiritual, physical, material, kinetic, and so on. It’s all the same stuff!


There are four levels to consciousness: subconscious, conscious, superconscious and supraconscious. Each level represents a state of mental awareness, which can be manifested in micro and macro formations.

At the micro-level the goal is to raise the awareness of the individual to a state of awareness where all knowledge can be accessed and experienced.

At the macro-level the goal is to raise the awareness of the collective body of life to a state of awareness where new knowledge can be created and assimilated through a process we may come to know as oneness. Oneness is a process of never-ending unification within the mind of supreme creation.

This first episode of Personal Life Coaches: Helping the World One Person at a Time begins our journey into the mind of creation from the perspective of many people, places, and cultures. Don’t miss this exiting show when it is released. Watch for the OracleTV announcement!

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