Finding Our Lost Brethren

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In this second episode of Personal Life Coaches, OracleTV investigates the origin and history of the Wicaan belief system and interviews Glory Vernon, Anniitra Ravenmoon, and James Cummins about their Wiccan faith and the practice of witchcraft. Each believer shares his or her personal perspective of the Wiccan faith and the similarities and differences between their belief and other widely practiced belief systems.

Witch…Is it Taboo?

Wiccan believers have had to deal with the fact that many people from other religious perspectives do not acknowledge nor respect the teachings and practices of their belief system. This negative stigmatism has followed Wiccan believers from the Salem Witch Hunt massacres of the 1500s and 1600s to the Hollywood movie screen.

Most of the confusion and dislike for the Wiccan belief system has been due to fear, misunderstanding, propaganda, and oftentimes, the religious arrogance of Non-Wiccan believers. In fact, many Earth-based religions are seen as pagan belief systems. Wiccan followers sometimes refer to themselves as witches, which have also added to the confusion and disdain for their religious practices and teachings.

Nonetheless, the word is what it is – simply stated – a word. Alone the word witch is not enough to continue to perpetuate hatred, ignorance, disrespect, and misunderstandings about any religion of the world.

Different Expressions of Truth

The single most important thing you need to know about truth is that it has many faces or expressions and it changes. This is the only truth you need to know. There is only one truth – yours. Your truth does not require agreement to exist. For example, you are who you are and no one has to agree with you about that.

Your identity reassures you of yourself. It represents an expression of truth of you. However, there are other people in the world with similar and different expressions of you. Your expression of you does not negate anyone else’s expression of himself or herself. You are the guarantor of your truth. You need no one to agree that you are yourself. The same is true about truth itself.

Truth exists in many forms and it needs no one else to know that it is truth itself. Think this way in all of your expressions of knowledge of yourself and others. Be the light. Then, you will illuminate yourself for all to see for themselves who you are and who they themselves really are.

Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

The goal of the Wiccan believer is to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Earth is our home – our spaceship. Without her we would have no other place to go. Traveling to another world is insufficient if we cannot live in harmony where we are. How can we live in harmony somewhere else if we have not learned to live in harmony where we are?

We must first learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth and with ourselves, before we can expect to advance to the next level or live elsewhere outside of our current habitation.

This second episode of Personal Life Coaches: Helping the World One Person at a Time continues our journey into the mind of creation from the perspective of the Wiccan believer. Don’t miss this exiting show when it is released. Watch for the OracleTV announcement!

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