Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 1

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Episode 24: Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 1 aired on July 24, 2010

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Oracle Radio LogoEpisode 24: Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 1
What do you believe? For so many years many people have felt sustained by doctrine or philosophy of their religious, political, or cultural persuasion. Do those norms of the past really capture the entirety of your human experience? What is your philosophy of life? Are you willing to move beyond the rhetoric and embrace your own personal truth?

To move beyond the status quo; socially accepted norms; religious dogma, dharma, or krama; and propaganda requires courage. Courage to look at yourself and simply decide to take on a new challenge, have new experiences and co-create in a world that will require your honest and devout participation.

It won’t be easy. Change is never easy! As an open, supportive, and collaborative community we can help one another along the path to, personal mastery, self-discovery, and total oneness. It will require you to embrace and accept your greatest challenge.

The greatest challenge you will ever face is yourself. ~Shinshuri

Are you willing to let go? Give up the need or desire to be right! Get over yourself. A few areas to explore beyond the rhetoric include:

  • Society
  • Our Families
  • Our Relationships
  • Ourselves

Going beyond conventional wisdom, religious rhetoric, social norms, personal beliefs, and ideologies is a challenge. Embrace your own personal truth. Be gnostic! Not in a religious sense, but from the perspective that you already have the key to unlock your greatest potential. You must employ this level of gnosis action to create a clear space of opportunity within your life where you can have a mental and spiritual break-through that will hurdle you forward into your life’s purpose. This was the theme of Episode 24: Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 1, which aired Saturday, July 24, 2010.


We are all victims of our environment whether it be political, religious, cultural, or social in nature. The question is not whether you are affected by your environment, rather do you allow the thoughts, social norms, political agendas, religious dogma, and other propaganda control how you will see, live, interact, and experience the world.

Are you a benighted soul or an enlightened one? That is the real question. The idea is not to sequester yourself or remove all environmental agents from your sphere of influence because that is impossible to do on this plane of existence. The challenge is to find ways to create balance and harmony in the world around you and between you and others. This means becoming more courageous and confident to excel in your own superconscious awareness and take responsibility for your own thoughts and mind.

Our Families

Do you have established rules for engagement in your family? Boundaries must be set in family relationships just like in any other relationship. In fact, all relationships (e.g. friends, lovers, colleagues, siblings, etc.) require boundaries because in every relationship there are tacit expectations. An authentic and genuine friend, colleague, sibling, or relative will communicate his or her expectations.

If a person has not communicated his or her intentions/expectations, he or she has been inauthentic in their communication and should not be disappointed when those hidden expectations are not fulfilled. Full disclosure is paramount when the expectations directly affect the persons for which those expectations are directed.

Our Relationships

Do you think a man or women should be exclusive in a relationship if he or she is only dating? Most people get involved with hidden expectations of commitment that have never been discussed between either party. The rights afforded to couples that are married does not automatically transfer to couples who are only boyfriend and girlfriend. Exclusive commitments must be discussed in a relationship. Furthermore, an exclusive commitment does not automatically imply financial support. Some people expect some support in a dating relationship. Both parties must discuss and agree to these type of arrangements.


Dr. Na’im Akbar stated, “we are recipients of the mind, which precede us.” If we are all products of our environment. To what degree are you the embodiment of the status quo? When you look at news and see environmental tragedies, crime, poverty, death, and killing of young children, but are unmoved to do anything about it, then consider the possibility that you are part of the problem and at cause in the experience of what is happening. That same status quo that makes you think everything in the world is fine, as it currently exists, is also the very agent that allows the status quo to continue unfettered. The challenge is for each of us to be at cause for ourselves and others and move beyond ourself and beyond our own rhetoric.

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