OracleTV: Spiritual Energy and Consciousness

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Title: Spiritual Energy and Consciousness
Location: OracleTV Show Page
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Description: Oracle TV LogoIn this first episode of Personal Life Coaches, OracleTV investigates the source of magnetic energy surrounding the ancient vortices around Sedona, AZ, explores the grandeur and beauty of the Grand Canyon, interviews Tierza Jacobs about her psychic ability and healing process. She shares her spiritual insight about the power of consciousness, spiritual energy, the essence of belief systems, and cosmic science. We also outline the levels of consciousness and how to unleash your kundalini.
Date: July, 31, 2010
Start Time: 1:00PM PST/2:00PM MST/3:00PM CST/4:00PM EST
End Time: 2:00PM PST/3:00PM MST/4:00PM CST/5:00PM EST

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