Illusion Chasers, Part 2

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Episode 25: Illusion Chasers, Part 2 aired on August 7, 2010

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Oracle Radio LogoEpisode 25: Illusion Chasers, Part 2
Are you an illusion chaser or a truth creator? You have the power to create whatever life you want. Why do most people wait or look to others to tell them how they should live?

Knowledge and belief is not the same thing. Neither is knowledge and information. We established the latter in a previous show entitled Knowledge and Perception. Listeners are welcome to preview our show archives to listen to Knowledge and Perception.

Illusions are all around us in every fabric of our lives. Do you live your life based on what has been passed down or taught to you? How does a person escape the false reality that is perpetuated in society? You hold the key to your own liberation. Never forget this fact. Freedom from the fairytale is possible. You simply need to make the decision to take back control of your own life based on knowledge, wisdom, and your personal truth.

There is no singular truth. The only singular truth that exists is that there are many and it changes. ~Shinshuri

This show explored several areas which included:

  • Religion
  • Community
  • Politics
  • Social Norms

What you do today to move yourself along the path to personal mastery is the single most important event in your life. The more you work toward the goal of advancing yourself spiritually the more awakened you will become and attune you will be with your higher self.

80 Years in Retrospect: Where Do You Spend Too Much Time?

Most people spend a significant amount of time exercising religious viewpoints that keep them sequestered from knowledge, wisdom, and intellect simply because they choose to hold to a single viewpoint that is incomplete. This kind of single-mindedness diminishes a person’s spiritual growth and development.

If after 80 years you are still practicing the same ideologies and religious rhetoric extant today or passed on from antiquity then it is contentious that you will not have progressed forward and your spiritual development and advancement will have become stifled. Of course religion is only one area where human potential has become stifled so it is by no means the only danger to human spiritual evolution. There are other dangers such as money, politics, media, and drugs.

Why Do We Seek Material Proof for Everything When Our Own Experiences are Sufficient Enough?

Material proof is inadequate to substantiate evidence of esoteric, spiritual, and mystical phenomenon. One has to rely on one’s experience, which is inherently valid and sufficient when data is dependent on an occurring event or data is absent, missing, or questionable. In fact, material proof is limited to the degree of data or information that can be compared and validated against another known source. When a known source is not available then material proof is insufficient. This is true with all physical phenomenon; especially spiritual and mystical phenomenon.

Why Do Some People Reject the Notion of Reincarnation and Others Do Not?

Every person knows and understands natural law. We are all born and we all must die. Everyone knows this and has accepted this. Birth is no more than a gate way into your present human body and entry into the physical world. Death is merely an exit route from the physical world and the existing body that you possess.

The astral body (the soul) continues beyond the level of human manifestation and retains all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from each incarnation in every life form assumed. For someone to state that he or she does not believe in reincarnation is merely a misrepresentation of knowledge. For it is not a matter of belief. You do not believe in something that you already know is evident. Ignorance cannot replace ones acceptance of what is real already. Truth does not require belief. Although one may think that it does.

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  • Jason Clutts

    People who have gone on astral travel are reported to be consciously aware of anything they encounter while they’re separate from their bodily bodies. Some share which they feel a sensation of floating inside sky, while others see their physical bodies at a different perspective.

  • Oracle Admin

    Yes, this is true. The challenge is for more people to become aware of their innate power at all levels of consciousness.

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