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This interview aired on August 4, 2009

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Image of Tammé McCowinAwakening to my true life purpose has been a tremendous remembering process for me. Three years ago I was stuck in a rut. My life was not going how I wanted. I felt dejected and alone. My relationships were on the rocks! Literally. Of course I had friends and family, but I still felt lonely and the world owed me something.

I was lost in my own personal drama. A fairytale that I had created in my own mind. One that was real only to me. It lead to severe disillusionment and thoughts of annihilation. This is the sort of drama that every person has in his or her life.

Some are more severe and catastrophic than others; but the experiences, situations, people, and outcomes are different from person to person. The drama of your life is only real to you and you are always oblivious to the identity of the real perpetrator.

We cannot see it until we have a life changing event. This can come as a major setback, catastrophe, death of a loved one, near death experience, or even an Angelical Moment. The road to your life purpose is challenging. It requires sincere devotion on your part and daily work. But in the end it will be worth all the effort it took to remember!


I had what I call an Angelical Moment August 9, 2008. It was liberating and awe aspiring. Words cannot adequately describe or express the fullness of the experience because it was an experience beyond human language. You have to live it for yourself to truly know.

Faith is made manifested through the knowing of our experiences. Therefore, you have to experience in order to know and you have to know in order to have faith. At this level of expression, belief does not exist. It cannot enter into the equation because belief is a dualist word that limits a persons perspective to only what he or she thinks rather than what he or she knows.


I was ready to listen, hear, and follow directions to accelerate my own personal transformation and to be at cause to accelerate the personal transformation of others. The experience I had was fulfilling and liberating because it initiated a chain of events that lead to my full personal transformation.

I connected at a level of superconscious awareness, on that day, and began to see life from a whole new perspective. I was awakened. You can have your personal awakening too. It will require a sincere and deep commitment to yourself. There are no half steps when remembering your true life purpose and stepping into your greatness. It is all or nothing.

To really know and live in a superconscious state of awareness and be a force of influence in your life and the lives of others, you must surrender and allow yourself to experience something new. Something different. Something permanent. Something that has been and is always with you, which has been silently waiting for you to let go and unleash the innate power of your own BEing.

The Charter

Several angelical events took place on a regular basis following, the initial Angelical Moment. Each were necessary and essential to prepare me for the work that would unfold for me each day for the rest of my life and beyond. Oracles of Truth was given to me. It is an outgrowth from the experience of my Angelical Moment and the numerous streams of angelical communications that continually happen with me throughout each day.

The learning experiences being created through the Oracle Learning Community are intended to manifest a truly philanthropic business model for education. The programs we create, which include OracleRadio, OracleTV, and the IPTL Program are created to reach each person where he or she is in his or her life path.

At the same time, our programs will (1) expose all students including high-need students to online social media curricula that will give them vocational competencies in personal leadership and new media technology and (2) train them to become competent learning technologists with the knowledge and skills to innovate in any new media technology domain, become more productive citizens, and be exemplars of personal mastery for themselves and others.

Listen to the Interview Archive

To learn more about Shinshuri’s experience listen to the archived show where she openly discusses the events leading to her Angelical Moment and personal transformation with Kenneth Young the host of The Comeback Corner.

She explains how divine source works with her to continuously expand her conscious, unleash her life purpose as a positive force for education, and maintain an open and constant connection with all of life.

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