The Destined Journey

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This show aired on October 15, 2010

Oracle TV LogoWhat will it take for you to get back on the path to your personal mastery and spiritual development? What will help you remember who you are? If you are ready for a purposeful challenge, then watch this show to learn more about your true destiny. Charbel Tadros lead the way as we learned just what it takes for each of us to embrace our true inheritance to become angels of light!

As a collective species we are all seekers of wisdom. The expression or need to pursue a deeper understanding of yourself varies from person to person. You are already living your personal journey each day.

The questions each of us must ask our self is as follows. Is my journey one of deliberate and intention discovery or one that is whimsical and happenstance? Do I find myself following, learning, repeating, stumbling, and stagnating in my daily living? The challenge for most people is to be conscious and aware of their journey by directing, learning, adapting, and transforming each day in every moment.

The Destined Journey

The Destined Journey is a novel and a spiritual journey. In this fascinating literary work. The author takes you on a personal journey of self development through the eyes of the main character. How devoted are you to your personal mastery? This book assists every devout seeker of wisdom on his or her journey to unleash their greatness, while accepting the responsibility to give back to others in a very real and personal way. The destined journey is a journey that every man, woman, or child must complete to experience themselves as real angels on earth.

If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. However, if you teach a man to teach another man to fish you feed a whole tribe for many lifetimes to come!

~Charbel Tadros

Angels in Training

The Angels in Training program is a 14-week spiritual course designed to teach you how to be fisherman for men. The goal is to allow each person that chooses to participate to gain access to more inner truths and insights about himself and the world around him. The program focuses on mentoring through different ideologies and techniques to help each person embrace his or her true angel hood.

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Charbel TadrosTo learn more about Charbel Tadros, The Destined Journey, and the Angels in Training Program visit the The Destined Journey and the Seekers of Wisdom website. You may also watch the archived show here where he openly discusses the book and training program with Shinshuri the host of OracleTV.

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