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This show aired November 20, 2010

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OracleRadio LogoEpisode 33: Together as One with Guest Host Dennis Dyche

There is only one of us. You are I am too. Listen to this empowering and inspiration dialogue between Shinshuri, Summey, and Dreammaster as they share the message of oneness. You see me and I see you only because we have gotten lost in the illusion. Get over yourself! There is no other being in the world other than us.

Many people travel the world living and functioning from a constricted worldview. Cut-off from seeing and knowing from a genuine, authentic, and open expression of life. A true expression of loving and living without attachments and judgments to specific outcomes is possible. Who we are in each moment is an expression of our current level of conscious awareness.

Spiritual Conductivity

Did you know there is more to your life and the world you are experiencing? How much of your life experiences are you consciously aware or consciously allowing to unfold as life emerges and evolves? The more open and conductive you are will determine how much light energy you will radiate in the world to touch move and inspire others. The point of entry into the dream is a real experience we co-create together. Individual creation is an expression of isolation. There is always co-creation. You are not an island. The dream can be expansive, trans-formative, and transcendent when you allow yourself to be open to experiencing and knowing more than the limited view you may be holding.

If we allow our subconscious to intrude on our dream time then it is our current life experience.

If we can negate our subconscious and be fully consciously aware of who we are, then other dimensional entities will show and teach us, where we are in the cosmos and give us tools to bring to the table.


Remembering Your Connection

When did you first recognize that there was more to your life than what you have been seeing and experiencing? What is your first life memory? How far back can you go to remember your life purpose? What is first cause in your life? The more you remember the more you will begin to recognize who you are and your connection with everyone else and all of life.

Recognizing the Unseen

What is the unseen world? Can we even describe it? Is it seen and experienced the same way by everyone? Have you been there enough to be able to share with others? Are you living in it now? There are different planes of existence and different dimensions from which to observe and experience life. From where are you living and experiencing life?

How can Dreammaster communicate his unique experience when it was so ineffable, unknowable, unexplainable, incommunicable, or unspeakable to others?


Listen to the Interview Archive

To learn more listen to the empowering and inspiration dialogue between Shinshuri, Summey, and Dreammaster as they share the message of oneness. Dreammaster, a BlogTalkRadio Host himself, has two shows that he broadcasts live on BlogTalkRadio called The Big Picture and A Simple Man Doing Simple Things.

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