Illusion Chasers, Part 3

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This show aired on January 8, 2011

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OracleRadio LogoEpisode 35: Illusion Chasers, Part 3

Do you live to absorb projected false realities or do you live to co-create objective realities. Learn to be a co-creative contributor of universal truth for everyone. Live your best self for others and watch your dreams come true.

Can you believe or rely on everything you think, read, or hear? If you cannot rely on your thoughts, emotions, and other people’s words. How can you validate knowledge and truth regarding ontology? Consider the possibility that knowledge and truth emerges directly from your personal experiences and are valid and true.

The Dream World

Is this experience of life real? How do you know? If you know then how can you know that others know, see, and experience what you know? Most people in the world are living from an illusory life experience one that is only real to themselves in their own minds. You might be thinking. How is this possible? You have got to be kidding. Right? No, this is not a joke, and it is certainly not an illusion. Most of the world is caught up in the illusion of the experience of life as though it is actually real. It is a holographic experience of life and the hologram is transparent. Most people do not recognize the hologram for what it truly is. Some have recognized it, but have created their own holographic experience of the hologram, which creates an embedded illusion within an illusion.

The Fallacy of Beliefs

Our beliefs stem directly from what we have been told or taught about the world, life, and God. Few people have taken the necessary steps to move beyond what has been handed down to them through family, cultural, and religious traditions. The biggest fallacy perpetuated in the illusion is the personal beliefs you hold for yourself. These beliefs are at the center of your life. Everything you do is centered around your personal beliefs about life, and usually this governs how you interact with others in your environment.

If you give credence to the illusion it becomes real for you. ~Shinshuri

Your personal beliefs are so strong that you will hold to them even when your experiences tell a different truth about your life. Humans go to great lengths to spread their beliefs as if the beliefs held in one person’s consciousness is applicable to every other person and his or her consciousness. Consider the possibility that how you choose to see your experiences and hold to a specific belief about your life are your own personal beliefs and do not hold true for others.

If you give credence to the illusion it becomes real for you. This applies to everything in your life including religious beliefs, relationships, social interactions, and more. There may be similarities, but the experience of living and truths created based on those experiences are as varied and different as the different types of species on the planet and within the universe. It is infinite.

Who is Creating Here?

Everyone enters the world through the human reproductive process? Did your parents create you or were your parents components of the process to initiate the physical life manifestation of your being into this world? Our parents do not create us, they merely create an environment where we are given an incubator to allow us to prepare for our entry into this experience of life?

Nothing is happening by anyone’s unconscious will that he or she did not already set in motion. You are at the helm. ~Shinshuri

Consider the possibility that you are always the producer of the life experiences you are having. You are always shaping, directing, and controlling your life. You may chose to play the role of an actor/actress, director, or producer at different times throughout your life. Nothing is happening by anyone’s unconscious will that he or she did not already set in motion. You are at the helm. Ultimately, you are always the producer. You are having the experiences you have chosen to experiences.

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