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May 16, 2012 at 12:00AM PST | Author: Oracle Virtual Learning Team | In Oracle Facts

Sacramento, CA. 05/16/2012 – Oracles of Truth Academy launches its first academic degree programs.

Potential students can now apply during our 2012 open enrollment window to be among the first students to pursue a 2-year AAS degree in Instructional Design Technology online.

Tuition-free college education is here! We are doing our part to manifest a global shift in consciousness through the implementation of our tuition-free college programs. Anyone can now apply to enroll to be a student.

What does tuition-free college education mean for students and their families? No more student loans! Yes, that’s right. The good news is that OT Academy has opted out of the Federal Student Aid program. Students interested in applying and attend OT Academy do not have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in addition to completing its Application for Admissions.

OT Academy intends to demonstrate that it is possible to operate an institution of higher learning that does not depend of tuition-based fees for long-term sustainability. “It is possible to operate an educational organization that has at its core a philanthropic business approach that focuses on providing access to college education tuition-free, while eliminating the cycle of debt to students and their families and to our country,” stated Dr. Tammé McCowin.

Every person that has a desire and willingness to earn a college degree can now do so without having to worry about the long-term financial debt. There are benefits to existing college students as well. OT Academy intends to partner with other colleges and universities to provide access to tuition-free courses through its visiting students program. Students that are currently attending college with another college or university can offset the cost of rising tuition costs by taking OT Academy courses and transfer credits and remain on track to complete their degrees at their home institution.

Every academic program requires completion of the Personal Transformation Leadership program and a selected vocational degree program track. Two programs one degree. The first academic degree program available to potential students is Instructional Design Technology.

Interested parties should visit the OT Academy website (http://www.oraclesoftruth.org) to learn more about the company and its new program offerings.

About Oracles of Truth

OT Academy is an institution of higher learning. Its mission is to demonstrate through selfless service that every person can awaken to his or her greatest potential and collective life purpose, while helping every student achieve personal success and live their dreams.

Contact Information:
Oracles of Truth
P.O. Box 292721
Sacramento, CA 95829

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