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OT Academy is accepting applications for our current academic degree programs. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. If you are not an Oracle Member we invite you to become a member. Membership is free! All members are welcome to apply for enrollment to become an OT Academy student. Students gain full access to the Oracle […]

Ultimate Love Connection


The Ultimate Love Connection (TULC) is an experience designed as a seminar and music festival. The seminar is a personalized journey tailored to each person as he or she walks the path of personal transformation. Participants must be willing to open their hearts and let go of anything that does not serve their highest and greatest […]

Be a Volunteer


Are you interested in being a volunteer? Together we can transform ourselves and be at cause to assist others, while manifesting a global transformation. OT Academy is a leading provider of tuition-free college education programs delivered through social learning technologies. Our programs help each person to unleash his or her greatest potential through personal and […]

Who is OT Academy?

OAT_LogoEmblem_v2Oracles of Truth (OT) Academy is an institution of higher learning. Here at OT Academy we help you live your dreams. You have the innate ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. Our educational programs are designed to assist you through your own learning and development process while acquiring the necessary vocational and leadership skills you need to live a productive, meaningful, and successful life. Our goal is to assist you in coming to a greater awareness of your human capability and how you can learn, grow, and lead a productive lifestyle.

The knowledge, skills, and wisdom that comes from being an OT Academy graduate, expands your conscious awareness and sets you on course to create the life you were intended to manifest. Each person is born with an innate latent ability to be an oracle. Continue reading “Who is OT Academy?” »


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    We offers several ways in which individuals or businesses can reach our growing student population and a broad audience across the Internet. This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option. Promoters can easily create, manage and promote their campaigns in our social learning platform and across the social web. The DIY Promoter options include: Banners Oracle Radio […]

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    Partnership allows us to build a shared solution that will benefit your organization or business, while providing educational and career development opportunities to students enrolled in one of our academic programs. OT Academy offers several ways in which individuals, businesses, and educational organizations can give back by extending their reach to our growing student population […]

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    Sponsorship is a powerful way to leave an impression with our students and social learning audience. We offers several ways in which individuals or businesses can reach our growing student population and a broad audience across the Internet. Through our Integrated Full Service Sponsorship Program you can reach large numbers of students and social learning […]

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    OT Academy provides opportunities for professionals and students in our academic programs to contribute to their own success while supporting and helping others. Be a part of a global movement for selfless service. Acts of selfless service extended to others in the learning community benefits everyone. You can be of selfless service by first becoming […]

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    An affordable college education is no longer an idea, dream, or wish. It is now a real experience. All of our academic programs are made available to the public tuition-free. We work tirelessly to provide tuition-free academic programs to the public. Our efforts and deeds will not go unnoticed because of devout philanthropic individuals who […]


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