We offer Leadership programs to help students learn, develop, and transform into exemplary leaders. Our leadership programs are taken as a dual offering in combination with a vocation program or as Self-directed Learning. | Go to My Account

There are four leadership programs available. The first two are training and certification programs designed to give leaders an accelerated path to unleash their greatness in whatever field or discipline they may already be devoted to in their profession. The second two are degree focused programs integrated into the overall Experiential Ecology vocational experience.

Training & Certification
Comprehensive Programs

Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL)

The Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL) program introduces a model for exemplary leadership. It is an action-based model where individuals learn to awaken their inner potential, express and communicate through their inner power to know, activate higher-level thinking and consciousness, and apply inner wisdom to live a powerful, productive, and prosperous life.

The program uses a blended learning approach where students receive individualized instruction combined with interactive eLearning and professional coaching. Students work on individual projects, which include creative writing, public speaking, and other opportunities to communicate and give presentations. Students are also required to publish community blogs, book reviews, personal life stories, and other types of literary works to connect, share, contribute, and interact with others in the learning community.

Code eCourse eModule eClass CEUs
PTL100 Live an Awakened Life
1 7 3
PTL101 Power to Know
1 7 4
PTL102 Channel Your Creative Power 1 7 3
PTL103 Universal Truth 1 7 3
PTL104 PTL Residency 1 7 2
PTL105 Fitness & Nutrition 1 7 3
PTL106 Financial Information Literacy 1 7 4
PTL107 Financial Planning Literacy 1 7 4
PTL108 Cycle of Life 1 7 4
PTL109 Exemplary Leadership Residency 1 7 8
Total 10 70 38

Note: An eCourse is measured in weeks.

PACE Leadership

The PACE Leadership program introduces a model for exemplary leadership to students who suffer from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) or ongoing mental health and behavioral life issues that continue to be a challenge to their health and well-being. Students learn to recognize and observe disruptive and destructive, behavioral, mental, and emotional patterns that can limit their personal growth, and development.

PACE stands for Positive Actions and Communications Experience. The PACE program uses a blended learning approach where students receive individualized instruction combined with immersive social learning experiences, and non-clinical Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) services to help them remove debilitating lifestyle patterns that can hinder their growth and personal well-being and development. Students work on personalized lessons, practice activities, develop action and leadership plans, and complete regular peer mentoring and coaching sessions to help them stay on course to resolve and correct any adverse issues dues to trauma and ACE symptoms.

Code eCourse eModule eClass CEUs
PCS100 ACE Introduction
1 7 3
PCS101 PACE Communication
1 7 4
PCS102 Overcoming Addiction 1 7 3
PCS103 Cycle of Abuse 1 7 3
PCS104 Live Immersive Practice 1 7 2
PCS105 Trauma Facts & Symptoms 1 7 3
PCS106 Causes of Trauma 1 7 4
PCS107 Trauma Triggers and Treatment 1 7 4
PCS108 Living and Being Well
1 7 4
PCS109 PACE Leadership Residency 1 7 8
Total 10 70 38

Note: An eCourse is measured in weeks.

MENTOR Leadership

The MENTOR Leadership program introduces students to social entrepreneur leadership. The program was designed using Shinshuri Foundation’s patented Business Philanthropy™ (BP) technology. In this program, students learn the principles and practices of Business Philanthropy™ and how it applies to for-profit and non-profit entities.

The program helps students successfully launch a sustainable social enterprise business focused on developing exemplary leadership actions to give, serve, and receive a financial return.

Phase one is a 90-day sprint training. Phase two is 275-day Pace to Success marathon focused on developing inspired leadership actions toward launching a profitable social enterprise business. Upon completion of the program students will be posed ready to receive financial sponsorship or investment via recoverable grants or working capital to further accelerate business operations.

This one-year certificate program when paired with one of our leadership programs (PACE Leadership or Personal Transformation Leadership) provides an opportunity for students to earn a 2-year associate degree in one of the program tracks, which include:

  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Business Philanthropy
  • Ultimate Philanthropy
Code eCourse Practicums eClass CEUs
PIN100a Platform Introduction
Digital Video Library
0 1
MEN100 90-day Sprint
90-day Sprint Practice Pitch
12 3
MEN101 Pace to Success
Pace to Success Funding Pitch
40 18
52 22

Note: An eCourse is measured in weeks.

RITMO Leadership

RITMO™ Leadership is a one-year program that builds into a 7-10-day cultural immersion experience through world travel. It is a daily rhythmic, inspiration, transformation, healing, and lifestyle practice. RITMO means rhythm in Spanish. RITMO™ stands for recitation, intonation, tension, meditative-movement, and oneness. It represents the essence and rhythm that exists in all of life.

RITMO™ incorporates sound vibration, music, meditation, chanting, mantras and mudra touchpoints, dance, and body movement to create a unique super conscious cosmic experience—oneness. The physical modalities of RITMO™ are foundational to quieting the mind, listening, observation, practice, and living in an illuminated state of super conscious being.

This unique super conscious experience leads the practitioner to live and emanate pure unconditional love. It is The Ultimate Love Connection (TULC). A place of awareness where the practitioner remembers and reflects, I AM presence.

Code eCourse Practicums eClass CEUs
PIN100b Platform Introduction
Digital Video Library
1 1
RIT100 Personal Transformation Overview
Community Forums
1 1
RIT101 Personal Transformation Leadership
Community Forums
2 2
RIT102 RITMO Initiate
RITMO Initiate Practicums
4 4
RIT103 RITMO Practitioner
RITMO Practitioner Practicums
24 6
RIT104 RITMO Retreat
RITMO Retreat Practicums
2 2
RIT105 RITMO Resiliency
RITMO Resiliency Practicums
18 6
52 22

Note: An eCourse is measured in weeks.