Business Infusion is central to how we operate. We are a Strategic Partner in the Community Holistic Individualization (CHI) Consortium. CHI Consortium is a group of non-profit and for-profit companies working together to deliver whole-person care concierge services. We work with agency Strategic Partners to connect individuals and families receiving services through the consortium to Ancillary Partners to receive career readiness and job placement opportunities.

The purpose of CHI Consortium is to meet the complex needs of individuals (e.g., youth, adults, senior citizens, veterans, and disabled persons) and families who have been disproportionately affected by homelessness, drug and other substance abuse, mental health, and other life management issues including limited legal support, low to medium income, access to medical care, education, and employment. CHI Consortium partner agencies collaborate and work together to meet the complex needs of the populations we serve. Working together gives us the ability to deliver a unique learning and lifestyle management experience focused on meeting the individual needs of each person that enrolls.

As the lead non-profit partner in CHI Consortium, we provide direct access to education, employment, and coordinated support services to bring this unique solution to the population that we serve, and to achieve our shared mission and goals. Each person gains access to a holistic suite of services to empower him or her to become well-balanced, healthy, and productive citizens.

Strategic Partners


Ancillary Partners