Published June 2020 – January 2021

Enjoy this series of Transformative Technology Learning Pods (TTPODs) focused on Exemplary Leadership, which include models, methodologies, learning technologies, tools, systems, principles, and integrative knowledge domains to accelerate human enhancement. The six pods in this learning series include:

  • Whole Person Care
  • Model of Human Potential
  • RITMO Experience
  • Business Philanthropy
  • MENTOR Leadership
  • Communities of Practice

Exemplary Leadership: Whole Person Care

Did you know that Whole Person Care (WPC) is an emerging transformative technology that is paving the way to address individual and business needs to solve social, educational, and economic issues in any local community?

In this LEARNING POD, we will explore the tapestry of WPC Technology and how to leverage it to empower yourself and your business to achieve financial reciprocity through selfless service. WPC Technology is deeply rooted in two fundamental frameworks, the Model of Human Potential (for individuals) and Business Philanthropy (for social entrepreneurs).

Exemplary Leadership: Model of Human Potential

Did you know that the Model of Human Potential is a transformative technology too? It is used to support the implementation and management of Whole Person Care (WPC). It can also be used to accelerate the personal transformation and professional development, which are exemplary leadership components.

In this second LEARNING POD, we will explore the Model of Human Potential and how professionals can use it to develop flexible, immersive, social learning experiences for any service or program, and accelerate personal and professional development for themselves and others.

Exemplary Leadership: RITMO Exerience

Life is a wave. Catch it! This is the essence of RITMO. It is an experience, a journey, and a practice. The RITMO Experience is a transformative technology that aligns with Whole Person Care and the Model of Human Potential. Join this third discussion and learn how to tap into your innate human potential and unleash your greatness.

Exemplary Leadership: Business Philanthropy

Did you know that you can give, serve, and receive a financial return? Business Philanthropy is a transformative technology that makes it possible to generate a financial return through selfless services. Join this fourth discussion and learn how to tap to leverage Business Philanthropy for accelerated entrepreneur success.

Exemplary Leadership: MENTOR Leadership

MENTOR stands for Multicultural Entrepreneur Talent and Opportunity Resource Leadership program. It is a transformative technology focused on helping entrepreneurs develop, grow, and thrive in any economy. Entrepreneurs can start at any stage in the business growth cycle from conceptual, startup, and mature. Join this fifth discussion and learn how you can tap into this leadership program and accelerate entrepreneur success.

Exemplary Leadership: Communities of Practice

Experience is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is innate to all human experience. To enhance human potential requires creating interactive, flexible, social learning experiences. One fantastic way to promote human enhancement is through the development of Communities of Practice. Join this live discussion and learn how to rapidly launch a robust community of practice, stand out in a crowd, and monetize your social learning platform.