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SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 17, 2015 – Oracles of Truth (OT) Academy, Shinshuri Foundation’s education organization, today announced the Oracle Learning Community Portal, which will provide affordable college education to everyone. The goal is to ensure more American citizens can access and receive a college degree without the burden of student loan debt. OT Academy’s mission is to provide access to innovative, quality, affordable education to everyone regardless of their life and financial situation.

“We desire to effect change in the lives of every person who wants to attend college, but finds it difficult to do so because of rising education costs,” said Shinshuri CEO Dr. Tammé Shinshuri. “Our goal is to demonstrate that there are real viable solutions in private industry that are both profitable and non-profitable.”

Today, more than 34 million students attend colleges and universities in the United States, and the number of Americans who cannot afford to attend continues to increase rapidly. More than 40 million Americans rely on student loans and are in debt.

According to Democratic Policy & Communications Center (DPCC), seventy percent of students who graduated in 2013 had student loan debt compared to thirty-five percent of those who graduate in 1993. Mounting debt makes it harder for students to get ahead and creates a burden of financial responsibility for taxpayers. Today’s youth understand that education is vital to be competitive in a global world market. The U.S. ranks 12th out of 34 countries for individuals 25 to 34 who are college graduates.

Shinshuri’s mission is to transform higher education through a symbiotic educational system using Business Philanthropy™ rather than depending solely on government funding. SHINSHURI Foundation developed this disruptive technology, and can replicate it rapidly across the world. OT Academy provides a debt-free college education combined with work experience designed to create a stronger catalyst for youth today to generate success. Leadership training and multiple intelligence academic curricula will support personal and professional development for each student.

“We meet teens where they spend most of their time – on their mobile devices – with our progressive social media messaging and flexible content delivery,” said Cheryl Moody, Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “We are attracting a high level of conscious-based leadership for our advisory board and faculty, who understand the values of our founder and curricula.”

OT Academy is now open and accepting enrollment for September 2015 classes at

About Shinshuri Foundation

Shinshuri Foundation is a social purpose corporation based on a unique innovative business model called Business Philanthropy™ (BP). BP is a unique approach to setting up and operating a school, college, or social benefit corporation. Shinshuri uses BP to operate the entire foundation and deliver a symbiotic educational system. Shinshuri distributes operations across the enterprise to ensure profitability and provides access to affordable and quality education through the online school (OT Academy). To learn more visit

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