What is Tuition-free College Education?

Access to a college education is your human right. At OT Academy,  students earn a college degree without the burden of student loan debt. That is what we call tuition-free college education.

Program Costs

Two programs one degree. The Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL) program is a required program for every vocational degree track offered. This means every student must complete the PTL program concurrently with their elected vocational degree program. The average cost associated with earning an Associates of Arts and Science (AAS) degree at Oracles of Truth Academy is listed below.

  • A technology fee assessed twice per quarter for each eCourse taken,
  • Textbooks and materials for each eCourse in the program,
  • Room and board for onsite residency accommodations and meals, and
  • Academic residency fee assessed twice per program for real-ternship projects


Fees at OT Academy do not include tuition. Students are financially responsible for hardware, software, textbooks, learning materials and resources, technologies, residency fees, and room and board. Students are required to take two eCourses per quarter and pay these out-of-pocket expenses. These costs are variable and depend on the student’s selected degree program. Typical costs and fees accumulated at OT Academy include:

Item Qty Costs Total
Technology fee (per eCourse) 14 $270 $3,780
Leadership Textbooks and Materials 6 $150 $900
Vocational Textbooks and Materials 8 $150 $1,200
Room & Board 2 $1,260 $2,520
Academic Residency Fee 2 $550 $1,100
Total Program Costs $9,500