Are you interested in donating to support tuition-free college education? You may leave a small donation of unconditional love to help someone else. Your financial contribution makes a difference to our students. No amount is too little when everyone has access to a quality and affordable college education. Unconditional love along with education is a gift to be shared abundantly!

Oracle Donors enable our students who may have a financial hardship to pay for their academic fees to ensure that they have the learning resources to complete their academic programs. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together when you make a committed donation.

As an Oracle Donor, you can:

  • Receive recognition across our social learning network so that students and their families know who has contributed financially to ensure they have access to a quality academic education
  • Support tuition-free education and help eliminate the use of Federal and direct lending student loan programs
  • Receive a tax deduction for your financial contribution

A Single Donor can donate as much as he or she wants to support our vision, mission, and learning programs. Simply select a dollar amount you would like to contribute and submit a one-time payment to support tuition-free college education. You can return at anytime to make another contribution.

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