Welcome! This Personal Behavioral Assessment contains five situational scenarios to gauge your perspective on how you would handle diverse issues and situations in the workplace.

You will have 30-minutes to read each question, select your answer(s), and enter a detailed response to explain why you selected the specific answer choices in the question.

Personal Behavioral Assessment Scenarios (Set 2)

Question #1

1. You are an Office Manager responsible for Daily Work Activities of CWTs including monitoring of the monthly entry of Work Schedules for those who have a functional role in the office. While entering your workdays and times into the Work Scheduler, you noticed that one of your peers, an Office Assistant, has exceeded the maximum hours for the workweek. The total hours allowed is 20-hours a week. How should you handle communicating this discrepancy? Select all that apply.

Question #2

2. You received a phone call from an Employer Partner that is a local restaurant owner. The employer called to inquire about the stipend check for one of the CWTs that work at their location. While talking to her a customer enters the store to place an order. You asked to speak with the CWT directly and the employer states, “She’s right here. I have you on speaker phone.” What should you do next? Select the best answer.

Question #3

3. During a Job Readiness Training session, you are given a work task assignment to draft an email correspondence using an outreach email template. Your supervisor has just finish demonstrating how to create a template and use it. The objective is to send the email to client members by editing the template and changing data elements to replace with the recipients contact information and message details. You are asked by your supervisor to draft the email using a template. You reply, “I do not want to do that. Let her do it.” What should you have done instead? Select the best answer

Question #4

4. After completing the Preliminary Interview, the System Navigator tells you to contact the respective candidate to schedule him for a Personal Introduction Interview to be consider for a work-study role. You retrieve the candidate’s contact information to send a SMS text requesting his availability to schedule time for the interview. No return response is received for 2-days. Although previous correspondence was received from candidate via SMS text when corresponding a few weeks before the one you sent. The System Navigator calls the candidate to verify the mobile phone number again and ask why he did not reply to the message that was sent. He stated, “I did not receive any text message to schedule the interview.” The candidate eventually replied via SMS text shortly after receiving the direct call asking why he had not responded to SMS text. How should this be handled? Select the best answer.

Question #5

5. A new Career Specialist joins OTA staff. She is assigned to work with a new business client to help with defining the strategic plan for the client’s operational team. Shortly after working with the client for a month, she began having spiteful communications towards other female CWT’s who engaged with the client. Other females CWT’s began reporting this behavior to the supervisor. The supervisor began taking mental note of the issues. The following week the CWT to Employee Commencement Ceremony was held to award the Exemplary Leadership success for certain staff members. After the ceremony, one of the company’s board members reported that she had observed suspicious behavior and communications between the client and the Career Specialist shortly after the ceremony. While working late one evening, the supervisor bumped into the Career Specialist on the 2nd floor after hours. The supervisor stated, “What are you doing here during this hour?” The Career Specialist replied, “I was just coming up to see you.” Then the supervisor said, “you couldn’t have been. I did not receive any call from you and came to the 2nd floor to place the building phone on its receiver before leaving. How did you get in the building?” Before the Career Specialist could answer, the client peeked around the corner and said, “Hi!” The supervisor realized that the Career Specialist and the client were both on the same floor after hours, confirming her prior reports from other staff about suspicious behavior between the client and the Career Specialist. What issues do these behaviors pose for this company? Select all that apply.


Take time to read these instructions thoroughly. When you are ready, simply close this screen and answer the questions. Then submit your answers.

  • Questions ending with the sentence Select the best answer means there is only one right answer. Pick only one answer.
  • Questions ending with the sentence Select all that apply means there is more than one answer. You will have to select all the correct answers for the question to be marked correct. If you do not select all correct answers the question will be marked partially correct. If you do select one or more incorrect answers the question will be marked wrong. You must be exact in selecting all the answers for this question type to get the question 100% right.
  • Every question has a follow-up text entry box that states, "Why did you select the answer(s) made above?" It is important for you to share the reason behind your answer choice selections. Do not enter in simple one, two, or three-letter phrases, no SMS short codes or acronyms. Make your response at least 2-3 sentences or a short paragraph. In other words, give details of your thought process and why you choose the answer choices you made.