Dr. Tammé Shinshuri

Board Chair, Executive Director

Dr. Shinshuri is the Founder, Board Chairwoman, and our fearless Executive Leader. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Master of Education in Instructional Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has more than twenty years’ experience in new media, education, instructional technology, information technology, and engineering fields.

She provides leadership and direction to grow the organization. She raises capital funds through corporate giving programs and sponsorship, donations, and product, service, and program revenue. She also develops educational programs, policies, and procedures and co-plans and coordinate human, education, and employment services.


Gabriel Ory

Board Trustee, Treasurer

Mr. Ory is the Board Treasurer and Finance Director. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Accounting. He is an accomplished executive in the fields of finance and administration, mergers and acquisitions, and auditing. He spent eighteen years with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) serving as CFO and Treasurer. He also served as CFO for New York State Medicaid. He was responsible for $18 billion in annual Medicaid payments.

Mr. Ory is responsible for managing and administering financial aid, overseeing financial planning and management of student education and lifestyle plans, handles program budgets, financial statements, taxes, accounting, payroll, and invoicing.

Dr. Carlous Caple

Board Trustee

Dr. Caple is Board Vice President. He holds a Doctor of Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, a Master of Arts in Instructional Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He has over 22 years’ experience in health and human services, information technology, banking, insurance, and communications. He currently serves as a Configurations Manager with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Caple has also served as a professor in the disciplines of Instructional Technology, Communications, and Psychology. He has held professional posts for United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, State Farm Corporation, Bank of America, Delta Airlines, and Wells Fargo. He is currently completing studies with the Harvard Business School focusing on Business Analytics. He supports organizational and program activities on a contingency based as needed.

Tracey Stone

Board Trustee

Ms. Stone is Board Secretary. She holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. She has more than 19 years’ experience working in K-12 education and has led multiple afterschool and community recreational programs and events. Ms. Stone serves the community through education, volunteering, and exposer to positively create uplifting experiences in athletics, gardening, and personal relationships. She actively supports youth development activities that lead to job creation and actively leads fundraising and event planning projects in her local community. She supports organizational operations and program activities on a contingency based as needed.

Kimberly Green

Board Trustee

Ms. Green holds a Master of Art in English from California State University Sacramento and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from University of California at Irvine. She has over 30-years of expertise in program management, training and development, human and business performance; and oversees educational services, membership services, business alignment and integration, and corporate communications and documentation.

Ms. Green provides leadership and direction to co-manage the academy. She is responsible for managing student enrollment, faculty recruitment, staffing requirements, co-authors organizational policies and procedures, operational activities and program administration across the various learning platforms.

Mónica Rodriguez

Board Trustee

Ms. Rodriguez has more than 20-years of information technology consulting experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. This includes 18-years of instructional design experience, and 12-years with Deloitte (Global Consulting Organization). She is a natural leader and entrepreneur. She owned and operated a small franchise coffee house for seven (7) years.

Ms. Rodriguez provides leadership and direction to manage academy educational programs and curricula. She is responsible for managing teams of learning technologists, curricula design, courseware development, and oversees the planning, installation, and implementation of the school’s educational platforms.

KimAlyse Popkave

Strategic Learning Technologist

Ms. Popkave holds a Master and Bachelor’s in Education from Bloomsburg University. She has more than 30-years’ experience as an educator with expertise in communication, leadership, and student academic success. She has taught in a variety of education settings including elementary secondary, and post-secondary levels.

Ms. Popkave handles student affairs by managing student accounts, mentoring, scheduling program and course schedules, maintaining student records and profiles, manage learning outcomes and student performance including transcripts. She co-manages student education planning, employment services, graduation, and alumni support. She also provides supportive leadership to Director Admissions and Director EdTech Services.

TBD, Open Position

Strategic Alliances Director

Leader shall provide leadership and direction to raise funds through multiple channels including event management, expansion of new/existing programs and services, corporate sponsorship, and grant-making. He/she will lead and accelerate development, growth, and awareness of the organization’s Business Infused Network by forging new partnerships, sustain existing ones, and build strategic alliances to increase visibility and reach for the population we serve.

TBD, Open Position

IT Services Director

Leader shall manage information systems; develop and install learning technologies; administer IT services, security, and privacy protocols; configure desktop and laptop computing systems; manage physical hardware and software assets; create digital media products and services; and publish literary works (e.g. books, journals, magazines, etc.).