We asked you to attend a Financial Services Opportunity Webinar. Thanks for attending! We need to know your perspective on the opportunity as it relates to the target population and whether the opportunity is a worthy service to integrate into programs and service offerings, we provide to current and new members.

Take a few minutes to give us your feedback. We have listed the Service Profiles and Wrap Around Services we provide our target population to give them a chance to soar and become more affluent in life. 

Financial Services Opportunity Questionnaire
1. Which life type best describes your status? Select One
2. Will the Primerica Opportunity benefit our at-risk population?
3. Do you recommend that Oracles of Truth Academy provide the Primerica Opportunity to our at-risk population?
4. What part of the Primerica Opportunity do you feel will most likely benefit our target population? Select all that apply.
5. Do you know of any other financial service programs or opportunities that may benefit our target population?
6. Are you interested in learning more about the Primerica Opportunity for you and your family?

Target Population Demographics

Service Profiles

  • Dropout, High School Student
  • Couple, Married w/kids (Family), Single, Single Parent, Divorced, Widowed
  • Low income
  • Nomadic (Homeless)
  • Probation
  • Youth, Senior, Retired

Wrap Around Services

  • Abuse (e.g., mental, physical, substance), Aftercare
  • Amenities, Apparel, Childcare
  • Education/Training, Employment
  • Housing, Transitional Living
  • Legal Services, Legal barriers removed
  • Medical, Mental Health, Financial
  • Transportation, Parking