OT Academy offers academic programs to meet the needs of a diverse student population. We address the immediate and specific needs of working professionals who are unemployed or displaced due to lack of work, single parents looking to build their professional skills, individuals seeking to overcome personal and professional challenges with reintegration into society after incarceration, college students looking to offset the high cost of tuition, high school graduates, and GED certificate holders. There are three entry points into our academic programs.

New Students

New Students can earn an Associates Degree allowing them to transfer to a college or obtain gainful employment. The curriculum allows students to develop and practice industry skills and strategies that build from eCourse to eCourse while receiving practical, real-world projects and work experiences that moves them from novice to expert through accelerated academic degree programs.

Visiting Students

Visiting Students can earn academic credits for eCourses they successfully complete while developing the knowledge and skills needed to support academic requirements and achievement at their college or university.

Auditing Students

Auditing Students are invited to sample an eCourse in one of our programs. Auditing students that wish to enroll full-time after auditing one of our courses must complete the New Student Applicant Checklist.

If you have any questions contact us at: admissions@oraclesoftruth.org