OAT_LogoEmblem_v2Oracles of Truth (OT) Academy is an institution of higher learning. Here at OT Academy we help you live your dreams. You have the innate ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. Our educational programs are designed to assist you through your own learning and development process while acquiring the necessary vocational and leadership skills you need to live a productive, meaningful, and successful life. Our goal is to assist you in coming to a greater awareness of your human capability and how you can learn, grow, and lead a productive lifestyle.

The knowledge, skills, and wisdom that comes from being an OT Academy graduate, expands your conscious awareness and sets you on course to create the life you were intended to manifest. Each person is born with an innate latent ability to be an oracle. The journey to unleash your greatness starts with you! We are devoted to helping you achieve your greatest success…

We use the word Oracle to mean…

A person that knows his or her own human potential then takes action everyday to develop and unleash every aspect of his or her human capability through personal mastery, leadership, and vocational career development.
“You are an oracle too! It is through you that all things are manifested and experienced. It is through you that knowledge, creativity, and wisdom gives birth.” ~ Dr. Shinshuri, President
What We Do

As a learning organization we:

  • Create innovative multi-disciplinary holistic education.
    Through our consciousness-based educational programs each person achieves personal, academic, and career success in his or her life.
  • Build community support.
    We work with educators, professionals, and students to create an enriched learning experience where everyone holds a shared responsibility for personal and collective success.
  • Help create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
    We teach students how to grow, prepare, and consume natural and organic foods and maintain a natural, balanced, and healthy body through proper fitness.
  • Promote early adolescent and adult development.
    We prepare youth and adults with essential life and vocational skills to set them on course to be exemplars through academic achievement, personal mastery, and leadership development.
  • Work with businesses and community-based organizations.
    We work in partnership with local businesses, schools, and other rehabilitative organizations to provide practical work experiences to prepare students for career success.
Benefits to You

As a student, you will:

  • Earn a college degree tuition-free.
    Receive a college education without the stress and financial debt associated with obtaining student loans.
  • Receive academic support and coaching.
    Receive instructional support and facilitated life coaching to assist you throughout your personal, academic, and professional development.
  • Work on individual and team-based projects.
    Gain real-world work experiences through individual and team-based projects to build your portfolio and résumé.
  • Gain real-world work experiences.
    Receive access to alternative career options through internship and job placement opportunities.
  • Achieve success in your life.
    Achieve greater success in your life and create a lifestyle that you desire.