Are you interested in being a partner? Each of the programs listed here are designed to help you succeed while providing students with access to advance educational resources and opportunities. By becoming an Oracle Partner everyone wins!

As an Oracle Partner, you can:

  • Receive access to a pool of graduates who exhibit exemplary leadership and vocational skill competencies
  • Reach a dedicated audience through brand exposure in our social learning platform
  • Support academic achievement through sponsorship or donation
  • Offer students an opportunity to fulfill academic course requirements and gain real world work experience through internships
  • Receive recognition and exposure as a preferred business or educational partner
  • Generate income through our visiting student referral program

Link Exchange Partner


As a Link Exchange Sponsor we will run your advertisements in the Oracle Learning Community when you agree to run our ads on your website. You can earn 100% sales revenue generated through ads you run on our site and we will earn 100% sales revenue generated through ads we run on your site. It’s a win-win situation for both of us!

To become an Link Exchange Partner complete our Link Exchange Partner Application to initiate discussions with us.

Business Partner


A Business Partner is a legal business entity that can provide our students with access to real work experiences in the form of student projects and internships. OT Academy is committed to partnering with businesses that share an interest in co-creating an interactive and engaging learning experience for students that allow them to gain the exposure they need to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to real business situations.

To become a Business Partner contact us directly to initiate discussions on home your business can be a valued business partner.

Education Partner


An Educational Partner is a legal entity that can provide supplementary educational services to active students enrolled at OT Academy. OT Academy is committed to partnering with community based organizations and other academic institutions to provide students with alternative technology services beyond that which is currently offered by OT Academy.

To become an Educational Partner contact us directly to initiate discussions on how your organization can be a valued education partner.

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