OT Academy currently offers a two-year associates degree in Instructional Design Technology. Submission of this application is for enrollment into this degree program. The degree conferred upon students requires completion of the following two academic program tracks:

• Personal Transformation Leadership

• Instructional Design Technology

For your application to be considered complete we must a receive your application fee. Remit your payment using the payment option at the end of this form. If we do not receive your payment by the deadline your application will not be processed nor considered for enrollment in the first cohort.

New Students must submit the following documents by direct mail:

  • Official Transcript from school or college attended
  • High School Report (for applicants that have or will receive their high school diploma)
  • GED Report (for applicants that have received their GED)
  • Instructor Recommendation Forms (2 instructor recommendations required)
  • Professional Recommendation Forms (2 professional recommendations required)

Visiting Students must submit the following documents by direct mail:

  • Official Transcript
  • College/University Report for Visiting Students
  • Professor Recommendation Forms (2 professor recommendations required)

Thoroughly complete each section of this application.

Thank you,

Admissions Team

If Yes, when:


Please enter your name as it appears on your passport or other official document



Please give your current address for all admissions correspondence, if different from above.

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