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Are you living below your true human potential? Did you know you have multiple intelligences? What are multiple intelligences? How do you access each one? If you are not accessing and using your multiple intelligences, you are limiting your true human potential. When you learn how to tap into your divine gift you can unlock and use all your intellectual faculties, abilities, talents, and skills.

Multiple Intelligences

There was a long-held belief in the field of education, across humanity, and in society that we possessed a single intelligence. It was also believed that this intelligence could be measure and the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was created. Researchers from all over the world began to design and conduct research to identify ways to measure human capability and performance, which ushered in a host of IQ measurement instruments and tools designed to measure this single intelligence. It was not until Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and research professor at Harvard University, discovered through brain research that we (human beings) have more than one intelligence. His research proved that we have multiple intelligences not just one single intelligence that could be studied and measured. Before, Gardner’s research, many researchers believed that this single intelligence governed every aspect of the human brain from learning, thinking, reasoning, speaking, and any other human ability that we are able to tap into and express. Gardner identified the following intellectual faculties:

  • Logical/Mathematical
  • Naturalistic
  • Linguistic
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic
  • Visual/Spatial
  • Musical
  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
  • Existential

Model of Human Potential

The Model of Human Potential is an integrated performance assessment (IPA) measurement. Unlike historical measurement techniques that attempt to measure human capability and performance as a single general intelligence in an isolated fashion, this model measures human potential from a holistic and integrated measurement methodology, which includes the following five key components.

  • Multiple Intelligences are the linking components of the IPA model. These intelligences are the link between conscious awareness, competencies, and systems thinking, which naturally occurs through normal brain operations to produce certain behaviors required to demonstrate competence and conscious awareness.
  • Competencies are the enabling componentsof the IPA model and explain the competencies an individual develops in a single knowledge domain.
  • Systems’ Thinking is the integrative component of the IPA model. It describes the connection between individual components and emergent properties that interact or emerge through mental activity.
  • Level of Conscious Awareness is cognitive ability and represents the feedback mechanism of the IPA model. Cognitive levels are indicators to help determine a person’s expertise. The information obtained through feedback provides a means for regulating optimal performance within a system. It is the reciprocity of looping back and forth as new information gets retrieved, assessed, and assimilated.
  • Super Conscious Awareness is a heightened sense of conscious awareness. This state of awareness is an experience. It occurs when an individual reactivates his or her divine gift. Reactivation of one’s divine connection enables a person to unlock each of their intelligences and aids in balancing one’s human potential.
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