You are the Winning Formula

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You are a shining star! You have everything you need to manifest your greatest potential. There is only one obstacle that can get in your way and that obstacle is you. Do not allow your own doubts, fears, thoughts, and beliefs diminish your radiance and inhibit your success.

When you doubt the inner power that you possess, you create limitations for yourself. Freedom is yours when you open your heart to the possibility of your greater self.

There is nothing you cannot do. Whatever you think you can create. When you think or believe a goal is impossible to accomplish you create the experience of hardship and challenges. Change your thoughts and you will change your life experiences. Everything can be and is simple! The hard part of living are the thoughts and beliefs you hold to be true for yourself. Stand resonant in your brilliance and let the formula of your life shine through.

What is the Formula?

The formula is the wholeness of your being. It is the combination of multiple parts of yourself. You are an expression of the whole when you learn to integrate the separate parts of yourself. Balance between the physical and metaphysical is the key to unleashing your greatness.

The formula is an equation for how each of us should live life. wholeness = physical + metaphysical

There is more to you than your human identity. You are a multidimensional being. There are many facets of you. You are both physical and metaphysical. When the physical fully meets the metaphysical you become whole. You are incomplete, when there is a separation of any part of you.

Being Physical

When was the last time you stopped to look in the mirror to see beyond the image of your own reflection? This physical part of you is the human body and its organs. It is your costume. It is your individual manifestation of life on Earth. This physical form allows you to move and function at the cellular level. Many people often live in the physical realm of life, where their attention is primarily focused on the outer parts of their being.

Your physical essence is that aspect of you that can be seen and experienced and gives you the ability to hold a solid state of mass in the physical world.

Being Metaphysical

When you are able to see beyond your own human reflection, you will observe your multidimensional self. This part of you is real and experiential. You feel and experience it through your metaphysical parts: consciousness, soul, and spirit. Many people often live in the metaphysical realm of life, where their attention is primarily focused on the inner parts of their being.

Your metaphysical essence is that aspect of you that cannot be seen, can be experienced, and gives you the ability to move, function, and operate in the physical world.

Being Whole

When you embrace the physical and metaphysical realms of life you move into a state of wholeness. There is balance in every area of your life. Being whole is more than just a word to be used to communicate. It is about being a pure expression of unconditional love. This is your natural state of existence.

When you become an expression of wholeness you are a powerful creative force of influence. You have moved from thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to knowing and being in every area of your life. You now have the ability to unleash your inner power, live your true authentic self, achieve your life purpose, and manifest personal success in all areas of your life.

Wholeness is that aspect of you that brings balance into your life. Everything is observed and experienced from a new realm of possibilities that unfold for you in every moment. You exude confidence, gratitude, love, and peace.

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