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Do you have personality? Do you touch, move, and inspire other people? What actionable steps do you take each day to touch, move, and inspire others to live and exude authentic leadership?

Authenticity is more than a word about trust and integrity. It is about my personal responsibility. What is my core expression of personality, you ask? It’s very simple. I take time in every moment of my day to exude authentic leadership. This is what I do:

  • Rid me of the ego power trip!
  • Commit random acts of kindness with every person I know and meet!
  • Choose who I am being in every moment of each day!

I am an expression of unconditional love. I exude more confidence and light energy in the process of my daily living to touch, move, and inspire others so they might do the same. It’s that simple! Who I am being is what is important. When everyone focuses on exuding and improving his or her own personality, then each person will experience a personal transformation and the world will experience a global transformation.

Mitigating My Outer Essence

I am more than my human identity. My thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can become attachments if I allow my mind to control my actions and way of being. So I take actionable steps every day to mitigate the effects of ego awareness on my state of consciousness and way of living, being, and interacting in the world.

A true expression of authentic leadership is not based on popularity, title recognition, or an outward display of overzealous hubris. Rather, it is about allowing your inner essence to be in charge of your daily living without the excess baggage that ego awareness brings into every situation. Self-empowerment is the only way to freedom and the key to unleashing your greatness.

Mitigating my outer essence means that I rid myself of the ego power trip!

Expressing My Inner Essence

When I live from an authentic place from within, I open myself up to be more expressive, compassionate, and genuine in my interactions and communications with other people and generate more radiant light energy into the world. As a result, I build relationships that last. I am able to connect with everyone wherever they are in their life path. Even when it seems like a person is not open to me, I remain open to them because who I am being in every moment counts regardless of what another person is being, saying, or doing.

I remain vigilant and authentic in my expression of unconditional love. Seeds are planted, which will eventually take root. Whether now or later is not for me to decide. My job is only to express myself in such a way to allow another person to experience and know unconditional love while receiving the experience needed to move forward in his or her own life path.

What I do in each moment makes all the difference in the world. So, I live from a genuine expression of unconditional love towards everyone. The world demands more light energy not less. So, I make it my personal business to do my part and be in action about the kind of love expressions I am projecting out into the universe. I live in conscious deliberate action!

Expressing my inner essence means that I commit random acts of kindness with every person I know and meet!

Radiating More Light Energy

Personality removed from negative ego effects is central to your personal growth and development. Radiance is brilliance in action. It is not dull, boring, or overzealous. In fact, it is modest and humble. Shrewd with a touch of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom. When you learn to master your own greatness, then your Mer-Ka-Ba star will radiate and shine brightly for all to know, see, and experience of you.

True personality leaves you in gratitude knowing and being a positive influence touching and inspiring people to be more expressive in their own relationships and communications, while living from an authentic expression of leadership every day. It is about being a true expression of unconditional love.

Giving more time, giving from your heart, and giving more love to others empowers you and them. Others will see, experience and know unconditional love through your way of living and being. Not the other way around. When you focus on making improvements within your own way of being and living, the world will respond with the same actions and give back to you. So be vigilant in your expression and give, give, give. You will be giving to yourself in return.

Radiating more light energy means that I choose who I am being in every moment of each day!

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