OT Academy is accepting applications for our current academic degree programs. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. If you are not an Oracle Member we invite you to become a member. Membership is free! All members are welcome to apply for enrollment to become an OT Academy student. Students gain full access to the Oracle Learning Community academic platform and can register for classes. Become an Oracle Member to begin your Oracle experience!

Two Ways to Apply

Deadlines and Requirements

OT Academy follows a Cohort review and selection admissions process. To help you through the application process, we’ve prepared checklists for each type of application. Click on the link to the checklist for the enrollment path that’s right for you.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not necessary at OT Academy. We are extremely excited and honored to offer students the opportunity to obtain a college education absolutely tuition-free. OT Academy is taking action to eliminate the cycle of debt to the individual and the cycle of debt to our country.

Therefore, we have opted out of the Federal Student Aid Program. We do not operate using a traditional, expensive, and debt inducing funding process. Students and their families DO NOT have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), in addition to completing our enrollment application.

Simply complete the required application and checklist for the type of student enrollment you prefer and submit it to us by the open enrollment deadline.

  • Open Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year
  • We are limited to 75 students per cohort
  • Classes begin every quarter
  • Submit your application today!

Send completed application materials to:
Office of Admissions
Oracles of Truth Academy
P.O. Box 292721
Sacramento, CA 95829

If you have any questions contact us: